The Majendie Hall comprises a large, open space with a raised platform at the east end.  It is used for concerts, recitals, harvest suppers, Cherubs, Tuesday Club, Christmas Bazaar and other activities.  It has seating for 120, a fully equipped kitchen, tables for dining/activities, cutlery/crockery/glasses for 100 ... and a grand piano.  
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MH Concert 13 January 2012 The Majendie Hall set out for a concert with 100 seats (and room to spare). Refreshments may be served at the back of the Majendie Hall, in the foyer, or under the Bell Tower.   MH after the Concert 13 January 2012 Jayne O'Mahony and her accompaniest, Daphne George, being applauded at the end of a concert on Friday, 13th January 2012.  James Brockhurst, a local young pianist, played pieces by Beethoven and Rachmaninov before Jayne sang a selection of songs from West End musicals.
  June 1859 The Revd Henry Majendie, vicar of this parish between 1819 and his death in 1870, paid for a major extension to the church (1859-1860). The original nave became the north aisle, and the extension became the new nave (see photograph right, dated 1923).  Interior 1923 In the 20th century a reduced congregation led to a reorganisation of the church's interior; the nave was screened from the aisle and became the Majendie Hall - now a fine community space availabe for hire.
I Can't Wait for Christmas 24 December 2011
I Can't Wait for Christmas
24th December 2011
Interior 2010
    Set out for an Iona meeting.